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Tips for Choosing Granite Countertop Colors

Whether homeowners are planning to remodel their existing kitchens or they're working with contractors to construct an entirely new home, color selection is essential to creating a unique and visually appealing look. There is arguably no area of the home in which this is truer than in the kitchen, as walls can be repainted, but durable Granite Countertops are there to stay. Granite is one of the leading countertop materials due in part to its natural beauty and variety as well as its durability, so read on to find a few tips regarding color selection below to choose the right stone.

Think About Lighting

Darker spaces that have little natural light can be brightened up and made to look larger by lighter colored or speckled granite, so this is an excellent option for homeowners with kitchens that do not feature many windows. Those that get plenty of natural light, on the other hand, may look better with a deep obsidian or sable granite, which will be dark enough to form a complement to the room's otherwise airy feel.

Choose Countertops Last

It's a good idea to choose flooring styles and cabinets prior to looking into purchasing a new granite countertop, as this allows homeowners to bring samples of these materials along when they head to the showroom to take the guesswork out of color matching. If only the countertops themselves will be replaced during the remodel, homeowners can also take high-quality pictures in natural lighting. It's also important to consider fixtures and appliances; kitchens that feature a lot of stainless steel may want to look into Alabaster-based slabs of granite.

Take Plenty of Photos

It's rare that granite showrooms offer samples, so homeowners should instead take a few photos of their top choices to compare them in their future environment. Simply place a white sheet or a large sheet of paper over the current countertop then place the photos on top of it; this will allow homeowners to evaluate what the different types of granite will look like with surrounding fixtures and appliances and will give them the chance to evaluate light. Try to test these photographic samples a few times over the course of a day to see how they'll look in different light levels.

Check Out Individual Slabs

Since it is a natural stone, no two slabs of granite will be exactly alike. Once homeowners have a general idea of color, they should head to a showroom to see what kind of pieces are available and choose one that features the desired color, or colors, extensively.

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